About GC’s Landscape

The Gran Canaria’s Landscape, characterized by its great diversity, it’s defined by the close relationship between population, territory and the geologic, geomorphologic, climate, water and soil characteristics. They determine the different life forms on the coast, near the central areas of the island and in the summit, expression of the diversity of its shared cultural and natural heritage which is a foundation of its identity. This insular landscape is conditioned by its geographical position in the Macaronesia, and differs with the other islands of the Canary Islands archipelago by the geomorphology of its territory, height, climate, vegetation, natural areas and insular anthropization degree. The Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria, in the framework of the European Landscape Convention and its “Plan Insular de Ordenación de Gran Canaria” (Gran Canaria’s Management Insular Plan), has developed the Gran Canaria’s Landscape Special Territorial Plan (Spanish initials: PTE 5) which aims at establishing measures for the landscape protection, management and planning, a priority actions schedule and the establishment of a continuous and coordinated insular strategy with all the Administrations and institutions to significantly improve the visual quality of the landscape in Gran Canaria.